A very successful meeting was held at Boatshed HQ yesterday to announce the launch of a brand new way of working with Boatshed.com

Boatshed Corporate is a new structure which allows existing business owners to take on agents or brokers to work alongside them. The agents and brokers will be fully trained on the Boatshed system via a series of online modules along with that essential hands on experience and will be able to work on all or part of the elements that make up the Boatshed.com process.
So, for example, an agent will work with the broker on prospecting for listings and photographing boats (one of our specialities of course as we take up to 70 photos of each boat we list) and help with the post sales service. A generous commission structure is of course available!

The brokers who attended the meeting had come from Boatshed businesses as far away as Yorkshire, Portsmouth, Hamble, Poole, Essex, Dalmatia, Cowes and Thames and heard Boatshed talk about the new personalised Boatshed identities agents will be able to take on, along with the managed and easy to complete training process.

Boatshed brokers seemed really pleased with the new announcement. A selection of the comments below:

"It will be great to really expand my team, develop my business even more and get into the far reaches of my territory that currently are too far for me to travel to on a daily basis and give the level of service I want to our growing customers."

"I really was interested in hearing about how to make my business bigger, to meet more boat owners, to list more boats and in the end to ensure we sell more boats for more people in my area resulting in more happy customers who will use us again & again"

"We have been waiting for an easy way to recruit, develop a team and let them into the Boatshed philosophy and you've delivered. THANKS!"

For further information on working with Boatshed visit Boatshed Business