The immediate thing people will notice on Thursday about the new site is the fresh look, but some of the main differences are not only cosmetic. For instance the way the pictures display through to the ease of navigating to that boat, or choice of boats, that you’re looking for have been improved in a technical capacity.

The traditional "Boatshed Boatfinder", which immediately notifies customers of new boats matching their saved search criteria, has been enhanced again after it was rated by Boatshed customers as one of the best parts of their 'Personal Boatshed account'.

There are currently over 300,000 customers with a 'Personal Boatshed Account' and only a few thousand who have used their 'Boatshed Boatfinder'. There will be a 'How to use my Boatfinder' tutorial coming once the new site is launched.

Some of the other benefits can be found in the earlier blog

The Boatshed.com team aren’t stopping here and already have plans for new additions to the site to enrich the experience and provide a better service to their customers, both buyers and sellers.

Josh Flavell of Boatshed.com said “in my opinion it’s the next best thing to actually being on the boat! It will never fully replace it, although we are selling more and more boats without customers seeing them in person until delivered, they purchase based on the standard of detail and information presented for every boat by Boatshed.com”

"We hope to continue with the exceptional year of boat sales in 2009, over 1000 boats sold so far!!! (30/11/2009), and hope that the new site will help us to increase the number of satisfied Boatshed.com customers in 2010 as well as bring new people into the boating world”

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Got an idea or some feedback about the new site?
If you like the new look or have any further feedback we would love to hear from you, there are 2 easy ways:

1. By taking about 45 seconds to fill in the online feedback tick box located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen labelled 'site feedback'


2. Dropping us an email to newsitefeedback@boatshed.com

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