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Boatshed Bristol The Engine House,
Royal Clarence Yard,
Weevil Lane,
Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1AX

About Alex Steadman

I started working with Boatshed Bristol in June 2024.

What did you do before working with Boatshed?
Before working at Boatshed I was an assisting harbour master as the small historic port at Lydney, it was an exciting role where I oversaw boat movements and the general complexities of running a harbour.

What attracted you to become part of the Boatshed team?
Having worked within the marine industry for many years, Boatshed was always a name that kept popping up.
From brokers I'd meet to the signage that would appear of boats there was always some form of Boatshed presence in my life.
Over the years I've had the pleasure of speaking to and working with many Boatshed brokers and having always wanted to explore that line of work I felt it was about time I do something about it .

Are you a motorboater or a sailor?
I am a keen sailor, fortunately I own a couple of yachts and dinghys in which my partner and I explore the beautiful British coastline.

What is your most memorable boating experience?
One of my most memorable experiences was while assisting a friend with transportation of a Colin archer gaff cutter, a heavy beast that Plowed through the swells like a log on a rapid.
She was rolling and pitching tremendously but I distinctly recall feeling at ease, knowing that the old girl would see us to port safely.
Since then I find great comfort in the decks beneath my feet, the feeling that you arnt alone when at see, your boat is by your side.