We need boat experts !

Introducing the "On-TheWaterBus" in association with Boatshed.com

What is the Bus?
The ‘On The Water’ Bus is all about inspiring people to get on the water and discover the joys of boating and watersports.

With the success of British sportsmen and women in sailing, canoeing and rowing during the Olympics and Paralympics, the time could not be better to encourage new people into boating. The BMF and Boatshed see a great opportunity to inspire young and old to get on the water, by giving them access to people who have "been there and got the t-shirt".

The role of the Bus is very much educational with the emphasis on learning about how to get on the water. People will be able to talk with a range of experts and ambassadors from different water-based activities from Sailing to Surfing, Canals to Canoes, Rivers to Rapids or Power Boating to Paddling.
These "experts" will include BMF members, celebrities and partners.
All of these individuals are pledging their time for free, with the aim of "Inspiring a new generation into boating " and for "the love of all things that float!"

We would be so very grateful if you could spare a morning or afternoon to support the 'On the Water' project with us?
We need Boating "experts/enthusiasts" to be available onboard the bus during morning and afternoon sessions on different days.
A schedule of who is on the bus will be available online at www.onthewater.co.uk, so visitors can plan their visit.

Why jump aboard an open top bus at the show and have some fun with other members of the marine community?
The idea is to have members of the industry, boating characters and celebrities to come along and talk about experiences of life on the water, plus why we love all thigs that float!

We will of course make you extremely welcome, plus supply a free ticket to the show if you need it.

All you need to do is contact us with details of what afternoon or morning, during the show, you could donate to this very worthy cause, plus brief details of your boating experience.

It is all very relaxed, you don't have to do a planned presentation or talk, you can just be onboard the bus and talk boats and water!
Our mission is purely to get more people having fun with the wet stuff!

NB. Although Boatshed are sponsoring this event. We will not be using this opportunity to promote our brokerage business, we have a stand at a completely separate location within the show to promote our brokerage services.

If you feel that you can donate some time to this very worthy cause, please let us know when you can make it asap.

We know that this is a big ask and thank you in anticipation!

Please get in touch ;)

Best Regards,


Neil Chapman
Founder Boatshed.com