Aloha from the race for the last time.

We are currently approx. 56 miles from the finish line and hope to finish around 11.00pm Hawaii Standard Time today, Monday July 25. We have a constant 20 knots of wind and are planning our approach to the Molakai Channel. Winds regularly double in the channel so we are getting prepared for a fun finish. We may be lucky and the winds may lighten as it gets dark. Otherwise we plan to have a #3 jib ready on deck in case we need to change to a less powerful sail.

We are all very pleased with the progress we have made and should be very satisfied with the result. We spoke with the skipper of Wind Dancer who stated they will take a penalty, if necessary, to make sure they do not place ahead of us. They acknowledged that they used auto-pilot, which is against the rules.

Our arrival party should get going around midnight, a much better time than the 4.00am start we had last time. There should also be plenty of other boat parties in full swing at that time.

The crew of Pipe Dream would like to thank everyone who has followed us and shown their support, including many from overseas. It is definitely a big boost to know that so many people haved taken an interest in our adventures.

I will try to make sure that John and Matt keep you updated on the return trip to LA, a trip of almost 3,000 nm which may take as long as 3 weeks. They plan to leave Waikiki on July 31.

Thank you all again.

We will have a mai-tai for everyone when we arrive. Drop by the Waikiki Yacht Club if you are in the area.

Crew of Pipe Dream, out.

Well done from Boatshed and have a safe finish.